Things Losing Campaigns Say: Daniel McCarthy Edition

What a surprise! It looks as though Daniel McCarthy – primary challenger to Martha McSally – is putting more time into hyping his faux campaign than actually running a race. As the Arizona Republic just pointed out, he has raised almost no money: “McCarthy, who entered the race in late August, told The Arizona Republic he has raised less than $10,000.”

Daniel’s quote reads like a textbook entry for “things losing campaigns say.”

“We’re going to win this with a lot less money than both candidates. We are going to win this with just good old-fashioned boots on the ground and talking to people about what’s the best way to be a senator… I’m not trying to buy a Senate seat.”

McCarthy, of course, has hyped his own self-funding ability. Then, he proposed annexing Mexico, compared himself to Jesus Christ, and retweeted a famous white supremacist offering his support. Also, it turns out his company is lying about making its products in the United States (they are made in China). So you might say the wheels have fallen off.

Daniel’s other quote reads like a textbook entry for “things pathological liars say.”

“I’m getting people that are coming up to me crying, thanking me for doing this because they were so nervous… I’m getting people that are embracing me with hugs, thanking me for doing this. All I’m getting is love.”

Sure… and then Daniel found five dollars. And then everyone clapped.