Ruben Gallego was against Mark Kelly before he was for him

The Arizona Republic reports that Ruben Gallego will be campaigning with Mark Kelly later today. Here’s a reminder of all the times Gallego directly attacked Kelly for his hypocritical, substance-free campaign:

  • In March, Gallego attacked Kelly for the hypocrisy of taking a corporate PAC pledge while giving high-paid corporate speeches. “It’s kind of weird, though, to say you’re not taking corporate PAC money, but then also directly taking corporate PAC money into your personal account… I don’t understand why even take that pledge if you’re not personally living that.”
  • Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego explained why Kelly wouldn’t be the best candidate for Arizona Democrats.“He hasn’t run for office. He doesn’t have any positions. He’s never actually had his name on the ballot.”

Speaking of not having any positions… now that Kelly is appearing with Gallego in person, where does Kelly now stand on Gallego’s widely-known liberal views?

  • Gallego said Democrats “should not be afraid” to impeach President Trump
  • Gallego believes Democrats should refuse to work with President Trump to achieve policy agreements like an infrastructure deal
  • Gallego attacked and threatened ICE agents working to secure the border
  • Gallego said abolishing ICE was not a negative for Democrats
  • Gallego voted against a bill to withhold federal law enforcement grants from sanctuary cities
  • Gallego supports a government takeover of healthcare through ‘Medicare for All’
  • Gallego supports using taxpayer dollars to pay for abortions

We’ll wait.