One of Canada’s best known “deadbeat dads” played host to Democrat Mark Kelly at a high-dollar fundraiser earlier this month

The Arizona Republic noted in this story that Blaine Tanner owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in child support for his three kids. Instead of taking care of his family, Tanner lived a lavish lifestyle. And now he’s thrown his support behind Democratic Senate candidate Mark Kelly.

Kelly is seeking the Democratic nomination to take on Sen. Martha McSally in 2020. This story lays out how Kelly is keeping company with someone who refuses to take care of his own children.

“Mark Kelly is so concerned with raising money, he will even take help from a man who refuses to take care of his children,” Defend Arizona spokesman Barrett Marson said. “Mark Kelly should return any money he received he received thanks to the help of this deadbeat dad and encourage Blaine Tanner to take care of his children.”