Mark Kelly’s Tangled Web of Shady Financial Dealings Revealed

Mark Kelly will do anything for a buck. You may have heard this slogan before, but a new Arizona Republic rundown of Kelly’s shady financial dealings – from the Chinese Communist Party, to sexist marketing campaigns, to authoritarian Middle Eastern governments – show Kelly has no moral standards, as long as he’s cashing a check.

After returning from space, Kelly’s net worth soared to up to $27 million – making him potentially one of the wealthiest members of Congress.

But it’s how Kelly made his money that’s become his biggest political liability in one of the most competitive Senate races in the entire country. The Republic details Kelly’s unsavory business connections – from Communists to a crown prince accused of human rights abuses – and though Kelly is trying to backpedal now; the truth is, he never had any issue with them when he was quietly getting paid. Growing a conscience once you get caught red-handed doesn’t count as having good character.

“Mark Kelly’s been taking money hand over fist from any thug with a checkbook. Now that he’s running for office, he’s changing his tune – but Arizonans are smarter than he gives them credit for.” Defend Arizona Spokesman Barrett Marson