Mark Kelly Took Cash from a Sexist Marketing Scheme, Refuses to Apologize

Mark Kelly doesn’t have any problem taking money from Chinese Communistsauthoritarian regimes, or pyramid schemes. And now, he doesn’t have any qualms about participating in a blatantly sexist marketing campaign, either – as long as he gets to cash a check.

The Huffington Post reveals that Kelly was a willing participant in a marketing campaign for Breitling watches featuring scantily clad models that was so “shamelessly sexist,” the company had to abandon it after a round of public shaming. The company’s new CEO claimed the marketing practices “were no longer suitable and do not reflect values of today’s society.”

Just Mark Kelly’s values. 

For his part, Kelly has signaled he has zero intention of apologizing or giving the money back, even after being publicly criticized by the founder of the Institute for Women of Aviation Worldwide, who said of Kelly’s participation in the marketing campaign: “We believe that change can only occur when the culture, not the people, is denounced and replaced.”

“Mark Kelly’s participation in this blatantly sexist marketing scheme calls into question not only his judgment, but his character and integrity. Mark should apologize and give back the thousands of dollars he made from this marketing campaign.” -Defend Arizona Spokesman Barrett Marson