Mark Kelly: Let’s “get serious” about this issue I refuse to take a position on

Phoenix, AZ  – If you’re on Mark Kelly’s email fundraising list, he wants you to elect him so he can “get serious about climate change” in the United States Senate.

…but what does that mean, exactly?

Nobody knows!

That’s because Kelly has repeatedly refused to get beyond lip service when talking about the Green New Deal.

He’s tweeted continuously that we must “look the issue of #climatechange in the face” and that he supports “using data, facts, and science to address climate change.

He just doesn’t have an actual plan or positions that would do anything about it.

Mark Kelly’s own spokesman told the Arizona Republic (while simultaneously refusing to state Kelly’s position on the Green New Deal) that “Mark wants to solve problems – not play games – and that’s what Arizonans expect from their Senators.”

How ironic.