Mark Kelly Finds Another Loophole to Take Corporate Money He Once Said “Poisons Our Democracy”

Hypocrisy alert: Mark Kelly launched his campaign with a video saying corporate money “poisons our democracy.” Then he engaged in a nationwide paid speaking tour funded by corporate groups that funneled that same ‘poisonous’ money directly into his pocket.

Now, Kelly has just found a loophole allowing him to take tens of thousands of dollars in corporate PAC money – laundered through leadership PACs – directly into his campaign coffers. A new report shows Kelly received more than $55,000 from corporate-funded Democratic leadership PACs last quarter – the same money he once said “makes it so hard for people to get elected to Congress to do what they think is right instead of doing what some company wants.”

In total, Kelly’s campaign has received more than $140,000 in corporate-funded leadership PAC money this year, including a donation from New York Senator Chuck Schumer’s Impact PAC.

No wonder Ruben Gallego criticized Kelly for his hypocrisy earlier this year, saying: “It’s kind of weird, though, to say you’re not taking corporate PAC money, but then also directly taking corporate PAC money into your personal account. I don’t understand why [you would] even take that pledge if you’re not personally living that.”