Kelly Touts Endorsement from Pro-Medicare-for-All Abortion-on-Demand Group

Mark Kelly is very excited for you to know he’s been endorsed by the DC-based extreme pro-abortion group, NARAL:

For those who may not know, NARAL is a far-left pro-abortion group that:

  • Supports Senator Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All bill, which includes mandatory taxpayer funding for abortion
  • Wants to repeal the Hyde Amendment preventing government funding of abortion
  • Supports the authors of state legislation – such as the proposed law in Virginia – that would allow abortion up to the moment of birth

“Mark Kelly refuses to tell Arizona voters and reporters where he really stands, but he’s clearly making big promises to far-left DC groups like NARAL to get their support. There is no way NARAL would endorse Kelly—or that Kelly would tout their endorsement—if they didn’t see eye-to-eye on government-run health care and taxpayer financing of abortion-on-demand.” -Defend Arizona Spokesman Barrett Marson