ICYMI: Daniel McCarthy’s Meltdown on Live Television

Daniel McCarthy gave one of the most disastrous interviews in recent memory when he went underneath Brahm Resnik’s microscope on this weekend’s Sunday Square Off. Watch here.

Some of McCarthy’s greatest hits (and misses):

  • Admitted his company lied about moving production from China back to the United States: “I didn’t do something I said I was going to do.”
  • Claimed he is “no longer a part of any of my businesses,” although he is still listed as CEO of Makeup Eraser.
  • Claimed his business background is “irrelevant” and that “No one cares what I do in terms of the business. My business has nothing to do with me running for Senate.”
  • Refused to say how many employees his company employs in the state of Arizona.
  • Claimed his fundraising was “irrelevant” and that “the Lord will provide the resources for me to win this campaign,” though his most recent filing showed he had raised $561.
  • Could not articulate a coherent health care position after multiple opportunities to clarify.

“Though Daniel McCarthy’s meltdown is entertaining to watch, it demonstrates he is woefully unprepared to face the reality of a competitive race. If Republicans want a candidate who can win – as Daniel repeatedly says – we can’t nominate a weak and unserious candidate who wilts under the slightest scrutiny like Daniel McCarthy.” -Defend Arizona Spokesman Barrett Marson