Follow the Money: Kelly’s Silence on Chinese Censorship Directly Tied to Investments

Mark Kelly’s spokesman told the Arizona Capitol Times earlier this week that Kelly was no longer involved in World View Enterprises, the company he founded that China’s Tencent is invested in. Tencent recently announced it would halt streaming NBA games in China in retaliation for pro-Hong Kong tweets from a Houston Rockets executive.

But Kelly’s campaign wasn’t telling the entire truth. A new report finds Kelly still holds up to $250,000 in stock, and up to another $50,000 in stock options in World View.

So it’s probably no coincidence that Kelly still hasn’t personally come out to condemn Chinese censorship in the United States – since the company he founded is heavily supported by investments from the very Chinese company suppressing American broadcasting .

“It’s easy to see where Mark Kelly’s real motivations lie: just follow the money. Kelly is a hypocrite whose only real values are saying and doing whatever it takes to line his pockets.” -Defend Arizona Spokesman Barrett Marson