Even Mark Kelly’s supporters think he’s a hypocrite

Another week, another bad headline for Mark Kelly.

The Arizona Republic dove into Kelly’s hypocrisy-laden pledge to swear off corporate PAC money for his campaign, while continuing to take money from lobbyists and delivering paid speeches to corporations to line his own personal bank account.

Geraldine McGartland, a 77-year-old supporter of Kelly’s, thinks he is full of it: “How could he make that statement and then take money from the lobbyists… who are trying to advance that particular corporation’s agenda? That’s an inconsistency.”

Not to mention, Kelly’s campaign brazenly admitted Kelly will continue giving paid speeches to corporations as a Senate candidate – until October 28!

For a guy who thinks corporate money ‘poisons our democracy,’ Mark Kelly sure is swimming in it. Kelly should give back the thousands he made from those same companies he believes are so destructive.