Does Mark Kelly Agree With Sinema That Democrats Should Stop Obstructing Small Business Aid?

Kyrsten Sinema is siding with congressional Republicans over Chuck Schumer and her own party, saying this morning that the Senate should pass more small business aid by unanimous consent “ASAP.”

Yesterday, Bloomberg News reported the $350 billion in small business aid designed to keep workers on payroll was running out. Last week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell attempted to pass an additional $250 billion in relief to stop the program from running out of money, but the measure was blocked by Chuck Schumer and Senate Democrats. National news outlets roundly criticized Democrats for holding small business relief hostage.

Will Mark Kelly side with the party bosses bankrolling his campaign, or will he do the right thing and join Kyrsten Sinema in calling on his own party to stop obstructing much-needed aid for Arizona small businesses and workers?