Defend Arizona Calls On PolitiFact to Immediately Correct Rating of McSally Ad

Group Falsely Claims No Evidence of Rep. Sinema “Denigrating” Iraq War Troops

Phoenix, AZ – Defend Arizona today called on PolitiFact to immediately correct its fact check story falsely concluding that Rep. Kyrsten Sinema did not denigrate Iraq War military personnel. A CNN exposé revealed that Sinema “led a group that distributed flyers depicting an American soldier as a skeleton inflicting ‘U.S. terror’ in Iraq and the Middle East.”

“PolitFact jumped the gun and missed a treasure trove of evidence proving Kyrsten Sinema indeed denigrated the brave men and women who served in Iraq,” said Defend Arizona Spokesman Barrett Marson. “PolitiFact should immediately change its rating to ‘True’ and issue an apology to Rep. Martha McSally for their mistake that calls into question her integrity.”

Despite CNN finding indisputable evidence of Sinema likening American troops to terrorists, PolitiFact claims “we found no evidence of her disparaging troops.”