About Gallego

Ruben Gallego: Too Extreme for Arizona

  • Ruben Gallego has voted with President Biden 98% of the time
  • Ruben Gallego called Trump voters “dumb,” and “some of the worst people in the world”
  • Ruben Gallego called ICE a “rogue” agency and supported AOC’s calls to ‘Abolish ICE’
  • Ruben Gallego voted against tougher penalties for illegal immigrants convicted of aggravated felonies who reenter the country after being deported
  • Ruben Gallego has voted to protect federal funding for sanctuary cities like San Francisco and New York that release criminal illegal immigrants back onto the streets instead of turning them over to federal immigration officials
  • Ruben Gallego voted against legislation to end the crisis at the southern border by restarting border wall construction, hiring more border patrol agents, ending catch and release, and strengthening and streamlining the asylum process
  • Ruben Gallego co-sponsored a bill and voted to terminate President Trump’s national emergency declaration for the construction of the border wall
  • Ruben Gallego voted against denouncing Biden’s disastrous open-border policies that led to the border crisis including “catch and release” and ending the Remain in Mexico program